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Alright. So about a month ago I posted a journal about how my time was really limited and now all that's over with for the most part. School gets out in a week so...yeah. But...guys...I don't think I'm coming back.
Note me or something if you want details as to why but I just think I'm done here. This is it. So...yeah...
I won't delete the page because I believe all art should be available to everyone, but I won't be posting anymore and I'm going to start not responding to messages other than notes at first and then after a while I won't respond to anything.
To all the people I follow I'll remain a watcher when I leave so...yeah...
Thank you to everyone I've met and interacted with on this site for the last nearly 4 years I think. You guys are still the best!
And anyone who I promised a request in January who still actually wants that again note me and I'll make sure I'll get those done for the people who still want them and that will be the last thing I post.
:iconfront-line-runner:Front-Line-Runner 1 8
Gleam by SilentWulv Gleam :iconsilentwulv:SilentWulv 231 12


Just want ya'll to know meh friends or senpais/senseis

[ Pixel ] grassy divider! by blushbun[ Pixel ] grassy divider! by blushbun

:iconloladitz: she's meh internet n irl bestie, and my one and only American Potato Potato by Blobicons She has the fluffiest art and cute too. N I luv meh potato shusssss (we're not in a relationship if ur wondering, we're just really weird friends)

:iconartdereine: meh irl bestie dat can't staph stalkin me on DA. U spicy chicken nugget when will u ever stop XD. One day chikin,one day. She's my number 1# customer. Keeps commissioning me non stop. Chikin do ur own Next Gen stories lh oml XDDD (jk)

:iconfront-line-runner: Always a sweet guy, with sweet words. Idk if he sees me as a friend tho. But if he does thanks bud. He a cute art style too, go check emm out!.

:iconbarkatree: Always gives me constructive critiques and helps me improve with his words. He's a really nice bruh :)

:iconkilala97: and :iconlopoddity: I'm sorry if two don't like being tag, but I felt like it was important to do so ^^. They have the best and and stories you can ever get with the mlp NextGen community (idk if it is a community haha) Very creative and also two of my most favorite role modules in the MLP community. I love these guys they're amazing :heart:

:iconaquagalaxy: a really quiet person, always though they were a girl. But now I'm just ...confused. But they are very nice ^^. Has the most GALAXY SPARKLE SHINY SHINY ART I've ever seen! I suggest 100%to go check their art! GO NOW!

:iconassortedjellies: Has great humor and amazing Undertale art. But seems to can't stop with da sans jokes XDDD One day I would want to commission her, cause her art is amazing!!!!! (keep up with da jokes)

:iconkraytt-05: Her NextGen designs are so colorful and amazing! One of my biggest inspirations on NextGen. She has so many nextgen ocs and all of are just absolutely fantastico OwO. Go check her awwsome art ^^

:iconjellynoms: Jelly is so nice and kind :heart: I miss talking to her, QwQ She has a really cute art style, always pastel and pink and pretty. Every time I see her art it makes me want to mnyaaaaa.

[ Pixel ] grassy divider! by blushbun[ Pixel ] grassy divider! by blushbun

that's all for now guys. see ya soon :heart:

Other thing about me~~




Today's update:

As all you of may know my tablet got confiscated by my dad.
So I went online and order a Bamboo tablet. No worries, I've bought the same one that a friend of mine has and I'm very satisfied with it.

Plus it had a great discount when I bought it..and I was planing to get an emergency tablet if my intuos pro somehow needs repairing. 

Reasons being is that first I'm in my schools animation team, second I'm falling back in commissions, and third I'm still in my end of the year 'contract' with a client of mine. (I still have to finish a few art pieces for them0

I won't be posting any art here. Since my dad would detect it and maybe take my financial privileges away as well (Which is my money that I've earned from hard work). The tablet will be kept in the safety of my teachers office and will only be taken home when I need it or when the holidays start.

I will try and update every week if possible at least every month. My dad is unwell atm so I've manage to take my time on the computer for now. 

Tablet is coming next week. But again no freelance art.

With Lava,
I'm here for just a few minutes.

I just want to let you know I lava you guys and I'm sorry if I did anything wrong to hurt you or make you feel upset.

I'm not taking this well atm. But I'm trying to stay rational.

See you in a couple of months~ 
Might be dead by 5 months.Enjoy what have left while you still can.

I'll be a different person by then.
I'll be gone for the next five months or so without art, dad could take it anymore. He doesn't like seeing me doing what I love. He doesn't want me to be an artist.

He just wants me to be like the geniuses out there even tho I'll never be them.

So yeah ahah hah.
I might status update now and then but this, this is real.

See you in 5 months I guess
I finish watching the new episode.
Man... Day Breaker is some....spicy villain.

I'm going to be honest with you guys.
I'm not doing well.

Currently going through a devastating fever and I don't know how I got it. It's been such a long time since I experience this kind of fever and it hurts. It hurts so much.
My whole body feels like it's getting warmer and warmer. The back of my eyes hurts, I keep getting headaches. My bones hurt, my throat hurts, I can't walk straight (keep wobbling if I do), I keep shivering and for some reason I keep shuttering if I try to talk. Hell even my tears are hot when I cry.

It feels like a thousand knives are being stabbed in me. I don't know how I got it, I was just sleeping (at school because we didn't had much to learn yesterday) and the next thing I know I woke up with a fever. I don't know why? Maybe because I was born with a weak body or because of the rain before yesterday or is it because of something I ate?

In this condition it makes me difficult to even eat.

If this keeps going on I don't know if I have the energy to even draw or do anything the consumes a big amount of my energy at this point.

It took me a while to write this journal.

I wanted to write this because I know you guys deserve to know what's happening. So that people won't ask to many questions. I hope this fever goes away and leave me in peace.

Hey, if you read through the whole thing...thanks ^^

With Lava,


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2017 update:
15 and doing great!
Asexual (Hetroromatic)
Really loves food mostly baked goods like croissants (yumm)
Design (characters/cloths/ect)
be ur friend
make trash jokes

Books,BOOKS and more BOOKS.
Le fam
le cats
The fandom I follow
le watchers and followers
PewDiePie n Shane Dawson
BOOKS (lol)

Alright that's a really trashy bio. I'm not a professional in art yet, but if you feel like asking me about something feel free to do so ^^

With Hopes and Dreams

I'm planing on opening commission for the next two weeks. Because of school holidays :v Would anyone be interested if I did. 

20 deviants said maybe lol
13 deviants said yassssss
6 deviants said Commission Prices ranging from $8-(maybe)$30+
5 deviants said meh (nope)


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